How I Convince My Parents to Allow For Blogging

If you are a student, I’m 100%  sure, Your parents didn’t allow you for blogging. It is because the over care and love on you. They have only one dream about you, ‘My Son want to study well and get a best job’. You are studying for get a best job. If you love blogging than that job, You want to convince your parents. They didn’t know what is blogging and how to make money from it. They think that, you spend your time on Facebook or watching movies on Internet.


I also faced the same situation. I’m a 16 years old Guy studying in +2. I sat in front of my laptop 24×7. My Mother always scolds at me and she complained about me at PTA meetings and my teachers come with a lot of advices. But, I used some tricks to convince my parents to allow blogging. Now I’m really happy with Blogging. (But, I didn’t forget to study). In this post, I’m trying to share that trick I used 😉 .

Note : Don’t think that I’m saying that you don’t go to a job. I’m telling you my  real life incident which happened to me.

1. I Showed the best Blogs on the Internet

Show your parents the best blogs on the internet and tell your parents how they make millions with their blog. Show them their posts, comments, social engagements. It will help them to make a clear idea about Blogging.

You can show Labnol.orgShoutmeloud , MyBloggerTricksTechCrunchBloggingCage or any other great blog :)

2. I Showed the Income Report of great Bloggers

What is the need of a job? To make money and settle your life. Right? If your blog gives money for making a living, What is the need of a job. Your parents also think like this. Money is everything for them.

So, Show the Income Report of Great bloggers. If you completed this step wisely then you didn’t discourage you for blogging ;). My parent become very happy when see this. You can show the Income Report of Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud or Patfynn from smartpassiveincome.

3. I Showed the inspiring stories of Great Bloggers

The Stories of the great bloggers will really wonder your parent ;). Because, they hope to make their son in a rich position. You can show them the interview series by Kulwant Nagi from Blogging Cage,the interviews on Blogger Talk, Blogger Interviews by Illeane Smith from basicblogtips.

4. I Showed them my current blogging stats

If you have a blog that have a good number of comments, Lot of Facebook fans, twitter followers and other social media stats. Show the comments on your blog and show them how helpful is your article. I have a lot of online presence and my parents fall on it. She thought that, My Son is in a good position in the internet world!!! :P.


So, That’s It. I convinced my parents using these steps. If you are facing this situation, you can try this without thinking. I’m sure that it will you a lot.

It is your turn.. If did you have any other solutions, comment here :-).


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  1. says

    Hi Abid. I’m really pleased that you decided to show your parents good examples of bloggers and you included my blog in the list. Thanks so much and I hope that you continue in your success in blogging and with your studies. Take care.
    ~Ms. Ileane

  2. says

    nice written article but it still have some mistakes to watch for! some advice

    1. Read before you publish
    2. See each line if its making sense with the previous and next line.

    That article is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    Hi… @Abid
    I’m also 16 year old i am In class 11th.
    I am also using same Ideas as you. and before 1 year i was doing concentrate to earn with blog , but now I an doing concentrate on Make a Good Blog.

    So, I launched 2 Blogs and doing work on blogs carefully.

    Thanks to share your story.! :)

  4. says

    In India there are very few peoples who are aware of Blogging ( not really that few but still), so parents usually get worried. Blogging is a great profession and if you post religiously then it much more amazing. Apart from this : Very informative post & Congrats.

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